2020 Sky Sight: Drone Video and Photography

Professional Aerial Still Frame Imagery and Full Motion Video Services on Cape Cod, MA

2020 Sky Sight: Drone Video and Photography Cape Cod MA

2020 Sky Sight LLC, based out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, offers both Still Frame Imagery and Full Motion Drone Video services.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality imagery for any event or special occasion. Whether you are in need of services for one hour or one week, 2020 Sky Sight will accommodate your needs and ensure you receive the best possible service in the market.  2020 Sky Sight prides itself on making your personal safety our biggest concern. We only employ licensed and highly experienced pilots to operate our aerial imagery platforms, and only operate our Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) under the rules and regulations pursuant to our Certificate of Authorization (COA) granted to us by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).


A sampling of some of 2020 Sky Sight’s latest photo and video projects:


Fly with 2020 Sky Sight

An introductory flight is a great, no-obligation way to start learning to fly. With an experienced flight instructor by your side, at a safe altitude and away from the distraction of the airport, you will handle the aircraft controls and learn to perform a few basic maneuvers. The time you spend flying will even count towards your total training hours.

Here’s what’s included:

Full pre-flight briefing
Control of the plane from taxi and take-off to landing
A photo with you and your “first flight” aircraft
A certificate with the flight time valid toward earning your pilot’s license

Introductory flights don’t need to be just for flight instruction. If you want to relax and enjoy an airplane ride or do some sightseeing, you’re welcome to do so. 2020 Sky Sight encourages bringing a guest passenger to share the experience.

The introductory flight duration is about 25 minutes. If you want to enjoy a longer duration flight, then consider a “Discovery” flight instead.

Discovery Flights

Same as an introductory flight but it’s about 50 minutes long rather than 25 minutes.  A Discovery flight provides additional time with the flight instructor to work on additional skills and build even more familiarity with the cockpit.

First Lesson Packages

First Lesson Packages are designed for the beginning student. This package provides the student with a 1 hour lesson on the ground with a CFI. This allows the student to ask any questions they may have about the flight training experience. From here, the student will also have a one hour flight lesson, which provides a great hands on introduction to the exciting world of flight training.

Scenic Flights

If you’d like to take pictures, we also offer scenic flights. Depending on traffic conditions, air traffic control restrictions, the area’s noise sensitivity, and other safety-related issues, the pilot will fly over your chosen area for aerial photography.  The flight originates and ends in Plymouth (passengers may not be dropped off at another airport), and up to three people may fly.

2020 Sky Sight’s introductory or scenic flights make excellent gifts! Call us now at 508-364-6395 for an Appointment.  All Aircraft have Weight Limitations.  It is strongly advised to discuss these limitations with the scheduled pilot at the time of booking.

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